Welcome to The Women On Wheels Wall

Have you read The BIG WOW Book? We are a community of 245+ pioneering women from most of the world’s countries who have cycled in most of the world countries. Have you cycle toured for the weekend? Cycled across a country? Join the facebook fun, sign up for updates or send high resolution photos and stories to skalatitude@gmail.com.
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Carla and Cezar

"Quit my career, sold my stuff, rented out my apartment, researched ‘How to travel cheaply’- answer ‘The slower you go [...]

Corran McGregor

I'm Corran, from England. I have just been cycling now for about 2 weeks. I hope to cycle around the [...]


I am writing as I wanted to share with you news about my upcoming trip. The GOAL: cycle coast to [...]

Alice Bentley

It is amazing how one's confidence builds in time and - after reading your book - I suddenly noticed that [...]

Joanna Kaszewiak

My name is Joanna Kaszewiak and I'm from Poland. In July 2016 I started a bike trip from Poland to [...]

Blandine (aka La Trottineuse)

I’m kicking the first tour of Europe by kick scooter, solo, unsupported. I started from France 10 months ago  …The [...]

Georgie Dixon

...I'd previously done some cycle touring with other people, but your blog helped give me the confidence to think I [...]

Louise Sutherland

My pick for favorite WOW, cycling legend Louise Sutherland. Her around the word tour 1956-1962 was only the beginning of [...]

Martien Deijsselberg

When Martien turned 40, she began going on cycling holidays in Europe. It is the simplicity of life on the [...]

Janka Konarska

People often say Janka must be very brave to go bicycle touring. Janka says “It’s not true, I’m afraid of [...]

Minka Hsieh

  My name is Min. I am riding a bike from Germany back to my home in Taiwan. This trip [...]

Coty Hogue

  My name is Coty and I'm currently riding my bike across America, following the traditional Trans-america route, but I [...]

Anahita Sriprasad

                     Want’a check out my favorite interviews from the BIG WOW [...]

Angela Zheng

    My name is Angela and I've just started solo touring the world. I've done some short tours in [...]

Vida Juliet Vivie

"We have come a long way to help the growth of female cycling in my country, Ghana. The purpose of celebrating [...]

Fien Hiel

I just wanted to express my admiration for your website. I am a 25 year old Belgian girl and cycled from [...]

Frances Friesen

My name is Fran, I'm 69 years old and did my first solo tour last year! I've done several tours [...]

Karen Jackson

I'm so so glad I grabbed that opportunity and took the plunge to ride solo in a different country. The following [...]

Jan Eadie

Hi there, I have cycled in Cuba by myself 4 times and had only good times. However, I am looking [...]

Kateri Monsalves

I discovered that I am capable, and strong, and brave... and that spandex is not required, that despite some of [...]

Tatiana Querote

Hi my name is Tatiana and I am traveling with my dog Rodrigez. We are now in Corsica. I love [...]

Harriet Ballantyne

My name is Harriet and I thought I'd get in touch about my cycle touring.  I finished university in 2013 [...]

Colleen AKA Super Biker Woman

I'm Colleen, aka Super Biker Woman. No, I didn't give myself that name. My friend's 4 year old son called [...]

Alyson Peel

Greetings, I took up cycling about 3 years ago after hurting my back while working for USAID in Afghanistan. Last [...]

Patricia Ester Valdez

Patricia reached out to the WOW wall from her first solo trip in South America. After taking on the infamous [...]


Kiki Holl decided to spend her summer cycling across America and raising money for multiple sclerosis. Kiki Bikes Across America

Susan Minich

"Bicycles are wheels. You can do all kinds of things with them. My preference is to use them to travel. [...]

Grace Johnson

Grace Johnson met her photographer husband Paul Jeurissen while pedaling the trans-america in 1981.  They have been pedaling together ever [...]

Helen Lloyd

Helen took on Africa and pedaled solo from her home in Britain to Capetown, South Africa. In her blog, she [...]

Mirjam Wouters

  I am lucky to live the life I choose. I never had to give up any fancy lifestyle because this [...]

Delphine Torrekens

Delphine Torrekens, a year in Asia Delphine Torrekens spent a year cycling in Asia.  When I met Delphine she was [...]

Jill Lundberg

Jill Lundberg, a 72 year old New Zealander has cycled solo through Vietnam, Cambodia, Morocco, Eastern Europe, Scotland and Iceland. [...]

Annie Londonderry

In 1895, the first woman cycled around the world.  She was a suffragist and mother of 3, her name was [...]

Jasmin Meier

"Thanks for setting up the WOW page! I came across it yesterday after I spoke to my dad on the [...]

Bernadette Speet

Portrait of long distance cyclist Bernadette Speet in her shed. Bernadette Speet, guide book author (Cambodia and Laos) [...]

Kate Crinion

Kate Crinion is a new born Irish cyclist. She started cycling in Tibet and has pedaled in Nepal, India, Thailand, [...]

Emily Jefferson

Emily Jefferson arrived home Oct. 16th after pedaling from New Zealand to the UK. Emily reports that seeing England from [...]

Ceri Smith

Ceri Smith, tours in her home country of Scotland

Rachel Hugens

At age 42, Rachel Hugens spend a year on the road enjoying New Zealand and Australia while pedaling. Rachel met [...]

Katie Tibbets

"A nut without a shell, really. Or maybe a nut looking to break out of her shell. A mediocre athlete [...]

Hanna Jackobson 

"A couple of years ago I replaced my usual backpack with bicycle panniers as I decided to cycle home from [...]

Sabine Studer

Sabine Studer pedaling in Tajikistan, solo world cyclist 2008-2010

Jasmin Meier

Jasmin Meier pedaling solo in SE Asia, follow Jasmin's  adventure on wheels

Elizabeth Walsh

"I have cycled alone in Canada, the United States, England, and most recently, a one week trip in the Peruvian [...]

Silke Mokel

Silke Mokel on the road solo since 2010.  Silke started pedaling in Western Europe then set her sights on Canada [...]

Ann Wilson

In 2009, after receiving Anne Mustoes book called “A Bike Ride” Ann Wilson retired early at age 58, training on [...]

Dervla Murphy

In 1963 Dervla Murphy left Ireland in the winter and pedaled to India.  Over 40 years later, Dervla is still [...]

Jenny Towill

The other day, I met a woman travelling solo by bicycle.  Jenny Towill on holiday from Wales left the rock [...]

Emily Jefferson

Emily Jefferson arrived home on Oct 16th after pedaling from New Zealand to the UK. Emily reports that seeing England [...]

Jenna Thompson

"...spent the last 3 years teaching English in Thailand and decided the best way to leave was on my bike.  [...]

Marija Kozin

Meet WOW wall member, Marija Kozin. Marija left her home in Slovenia and pedaled to Beijing, she then turned around [...]

Susan Minnich

Susan Minnich loves cycling in France. Here's is my interview with Susan about cycling in France!  

Hyojin Jong

Although most of people I've met have that I am very brave, actually it is not true....the world is big [...]

Jenny Tough

Jenny Tough is an adventurer and world traveller. Born in the Canadian Rockies, she has cycled, ran, hiked, sailed, trekked, kayaked, skied, [...]

Sarah Outen

Human power from London to London via the world. Sarah Outen is making a complete loop of our planet using only [...]

Abi Wingate

After living and working in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Abi Wingate decided to cycle home to Scotland. Abi raised nearly 14,000 [...]

Olivia Round

"My partner was still in school, and I love the freedom and adventure of travelling alone, so I went on [...]

Melanie Mezanec

Melanie Mezanec pedaled the Pacific Coast Highway, USA, Spain, Netherlands mostly with her trumpet . Up next? Melanie will be [...]

Jilly Sherlock

"Being a notoriously unlucky flyer - hijacked, volcanic ash victim, aborted landings, cancellations, not booked on flights, wheels falling off [...]

Finding Sachi

"Finding Sachi is an adventure bike tour, that started on March 10, 2011 to experience the wonderful food eaten in [...]

Erzsébet Prokopp

After her partner injured his knee,   Erzsébet Prokopp went solo through the Austrian mountains. I met Erzsébet touring the Indian [...]

Sage Asher

Thank you so much for this great site.  As I ride and enjoy some of the finest moments in my [...]

The Couch Surfing Cook

The Couch Surfing Cook has been traveling, sharing recipes and hosting people in her Brooklyn apartment since 2010. Presently she [...]

Emily Chapell

Emily Chapell left her job in London, England as a cycle courier to cycle around the world. Emily's route has brought [...]

Grace and Lily

Grace and Lily, a mother and daughter duo have pedaled their tandem bicycle through Arizona, part of the Pacific Coast [...]

Carol Hsin

I am usually an indoors science-research-laboratory type person, but this is the summer before I graduate and I wanted to [...]


"I am Barbara from Germany and just came back from a 7 month cycling tour alone from Ushuaia, Argentina to [...]

Snejezana Freketic

Snejezana Freketic. One woman. One dog. Cycled together for 3 years in an adventure that took them through Europe, Asia, [...]

Ineke Overbeek

Ineke Overbeek has spent her lifetime loving to cycle.  From her home town in Holland to her adventures acrossed Europe [...]

Jenn Harvey

"The stories on the wall have brought tears to my eyes - so all those days when I was alone [...]

Antoinette Morgan’s

Cyclist of the Month, Check out Antoinette Morgan's fascinating story here“

Emma Vanemo

This trip is more about getting to know myself better, to become stronger in my mind..sort of like a life [...]

Lori and Nancy

These twin sisters are credit card tourers. Lori and Nancy (from left to right) have pedaled fast and light across [...]

Nancy Sathre

"I traveled solo on my bike from Virginia to New Orleans summer of 1988. That journey gave me the courage [...]

Wendy Law

Girl Cyclists” make history...after WWII their 3 year journey a cross Australia began. Read the fascinating story here

Francesca Miller

"I never really thought of the fact that I am female to be of any significance when I decided I [...]

The Couch Surfing Cook

“I haven't been nearly as die-hard as you and many other women on the wall because I don't bike every [...]

Inge Vanhulle

"Emily Chappell her story is one of those that convinced me to cycle through Iran and Pakistan. So many people [...]

Gerdi Quist

"I am a woman of 55 and am cycling on my own around the Black Sea, (although for the last [...]

Trisha Bessert

Trisha Bessertis cycling the America's with her dog Ceiba.

Juliana Buhring

Juliana Buhring set speed records as she cycles around the world in 152 days on a route that took her from [...]

Snezana Radojicic

Not only is Snezana Radojicic (Serbian Website) a solo female world cyclist, she is also a writer and the only women [...]

Daniela Bosch

"I'm Daniela Bosch from Switzerland and currently on the way home. From Bangkok (where I worked for 3 years) by land to [...]

Anne-Sophie Rodette

"As a unicyclist for many years and someone who loves travelling, I thought it was time to explore a bit [...]

Anna Kortschak

"I am currently on a bicycle tour of the Americas: the plan and route is totally open – I have [...]

Sonia E. Letzter-Pouw

"I am 54 years old social worker, living for more than 30 years in Israel and born in the Netherlands....I [...]

Anina Kathrin Stauffacher

"I came across your WOW. Funny, I had never really thought about me being a female solo cyclist. Solo, yes. [...]

Kim Fisher

Kim Fisher is cycling solo from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada to Black Rock City Nevada, USA. She is raising money for [...]

Jasmine Reese

Jasmine Reese, a violin and her dog Fiji biked across America, on a journey to lose weight, restore her self [...]

Sophie Binder

"In April of 2001, I quit my job, left my apt. put my belonging in storage and fulfilled a long [...]

Petra Stranger

Petra Stranger and her husband and toddler have cycled toured through Europe and Asia. A few months ago, she spent [...]

Lori Bell

Lori Bell is riding across the southern USA in support of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF) and the release [...]

Kathryn Mossbrook Zimmerman

“I love that I pass for 10 years younger.  By the time I finish all the places I want to [...]

Brenna Coupland

Brenna Coupland is an accomplished cycle tourist and project coordinator. Presently, she is touring in Mexico and is on her [...]

Rubina Soorty

"I always find the place I am currently in I rate the highest. I think that is the beauty of [...]

Alison Davies

"As a teacher with longer holidays than my friends, I started solo bike touring as a cheap way to travel [...]

Silvia Sanchez

"Everything that I do, I am, what I want, is in me. I know the way, as if a long [...]

Heather Jones

"I just finished my first solo tour across the United States! I found this blog before setting out and thought [...]

cinderella servranckx

"If you let your fear keep you from flying you will never reach your height" Cycling Cindy

Bertha Corta

At age 54, Bertha Corta spent a year cycling the perimeter of Australia (15,547km) with the aim of showing a [...]

Ewa Swiderska

"Living on a bike is much easier and more exciting than in so called everyday life. Everyday problems usually sum [...]

Heike Pirngruber

´´what I like most is being away from it all. It needs to be quiet and peaceful, a campfire, the [...]

Ada Cordeiro

´´I think our life is so special and we have to do  things that make us happy. To see more [...]

Mary Ann Young

"This fall I tackled my first solo bike tour, which I was very nervous about to begin with. Before I left [...]

Leah Manning

"I remember how much inspiration I got form the WOW site before starting my bike trip from Los Angeles, CA [...]

Melissa Tallis

´´I love touring and would like to tour around the world after I finish college and before I begin grad [...]


´´I used to solo tour and lead bike tours back in the 70´s. I just started to get back into [...]

Janice Small

´´I am a 66 year old lady who started cycling touring when I retired at 60. I loved the challenge, [...]

Ester Mackinnon

´´I love travelling solo but welcome cycling a few days  here and there with others if I might meet another [...]

Dorothee Fleck

Around the world twice with no plans on stopping! I enjoyed meeting Dorothee on the road in Argentina on her [...]

Jelena Sosa

  ´´I love cycling! The soothing rhythm of the pedals, a fresh breeze in my face, the ground beneath, the [...]


On a 6 week Holiday in Argentina! Mati lives in Spain but is from France. When we met, after saying [...]

Leina Neimand

I met South African Leina Neimand through the WOW facebook page. Leina has been on the road 6 years and [...]

Australian Kat

Free camping fear? When I met Australian Kat cycling in Argentina, she was a bit worried about free camping, not [...]

Amanda Krugers

Amanda´s Krugers email put a huge smile on my face. Amanda is cycling right on South Africa, she asked me [...]

Alina Ene

Starting at the end of May I too will be WOW! Thanks For being my inspiration on two wheels! Artsy [...]

Agata Królikowska

´´I've been following your adventures for a while now....until I started my own. I'm on a 2 months Thailand solo [...]


´´My month of cycling Sulawesi was BLISS.........and I am already planning to return for more next year! Who KNEW there [...]


´´I came across your WOW page when I was deciding whether or not to venture off on my first ever [...]

Genevieve Fortin

"I'm a french Canadian woman for two years, from 2006-2007, I biked with my ex. I have decided to hit the [...]

Judy Burrows and Debbie Thomas

"We have just returned from cycling in Zimbabwe for a month. Times are tough in Zimbabwe but they are ALL [...]

Rebecca Milton-Lee

"I just found WOW....so great to read and see all the great photos and blogs etc. of other female solo [...]

Astrid Fisher

Astrid Fisher, a pharmacist by profession, is cycling around the world working on route as a dive master. She says [...]

Rachel Banfield

I was delighted when Rachel Banfield got in touch with me via email (skalatitude@gmail.com) to let me know that the [...]

Lydia Franklin

Putting Metal to the Pedal: Cycling Route 66 with Love Hope and Strength is a book about Lydia Franklin’s intrepid [...]


"My name is Sandrine and I’m a French woman. Next year 2015, I’ll cross Canada by bike from Vancouver to [...]


“Hola! Greetings from West Germany! Great to have the chance to meet other women on tour”  Tanja


The Wall's Youngest member Bianca is far deserving of an award for inspiring young cyclists, at 12 before she even [...]


Crazy Girl On A Bike? Stephanie wrote to say “Thank you for this WOW page. It is very inspiring to [...]

Shirine Taylor

"My name is Shirine,  I'm on a quest for beautiful mountains and untouched cultures, the bicycle has proven to be [...]

Devi Lockwood

“Thank you so much for the WOW Wall. It is a great source of inspiration as I sit here, 4:27am [...]

Baerbel Graf

"My name’s Baerbel, I’m a world cyclo-bum from Austria. I want to ride my bike, cook one-pot meals on wood [...]

Kelly Diggle

“Hello, I’m Kelly! This year I am set to embark on an adventure I have never attempted before; bicycle touring. [...]

Leila Veloura

“Originally from Brazil, I started my cycling experience after doing the St. James Way, a long hiking journey through Spain, [...]

Snezana Radojicic

Not only is Snezana Radojicic (Serbian Website) a solo female world cyclist, she is also a writer and the only women [...]

Lydia Caudill

My name is Lydia, and I am geek about food and how it's grown. I want to better understand the [...]

Megan Tasker

Megan took a career break back in the fall of 2012 to become a professional day dreamer (and travelling yogi), [...]

Anna Kitler

“My name is Anna and I just recently graduated college in the U.S. Growing up in Germany, I always loved [...]

Fredrika Ek

  I’m Fredrika. I’m from Sweden. And I’m in love with pedaling my bicycle. Or well… I’m in love with [...]

Crazy? Well, Only On a Good Day!

"No doubt exists that all women are crazy; it's only a question of degree." - W. C. Fields …I read [...]

Cycling Queens of 2013…The Pedal Medals

“I got boobs, I got a bike” may be this year’s slogan for bicycle touring. The booby led bicycle touring [...]

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